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Finalising the plans

Aug 24, 2021

It was essential to understand the changes that have taken place in the last 17 months, since the previous plans were prepared in March 2020. The new aerial survey, undertaken last month, gave the Consultants all the answers needed.

Fundamentally, there was no change to the position of the high water mark along the river/dune interface. The volume of new sand accumulating  within the dune since March 2020 had increased considerably and was almost double that of previous years.

The principle of the new profiled sand dune was further confirmed and there were no findings suggesting the previous learnings were any different. Some adjustments are being made to the original plans to address the latest survey levels and comments received from Estuary Care.

Estuary Care’s concern, regarding sand returning to the river, will not be affected by the re-profiled sand dune. The only risk is the future management of the accumulating sand which is always going to be necessary. This is of minimal risk, if managed regularly, as is intended, in the most efficient way.

Once this project is completed, the dune can be properly managed and controlled. KSDNA have agreed to help the Municipality in discharging their responsibility in this respect and will be monitored by an independent Environmental Committee.

These final plans will be submitted by the Consultants to the Municipality during the next few days and we are hoping the Municipality will be able to send this to DEDEAT promptly for approval, so the earthworks can be completed before the Xmas shut down.

The Municipality have appointed Mr Warren Lange as the Independent  Environmental Control Officer. He will be responsible for ensuring the Kenton Dune project conforms to the authorised Environmental Plan.  So, this dune project will be supervised and monitored by qualified professionals in every aspect.

The approved Municipal Management Plan required the formation of a Environmental Monitoring Committee whose Terms of Reference have been  laid down by the approving authority, DEDEAT.  This Committee is an advisory body responsible for monitoring all the Ndlambe Coastal dune problems and was established  on 19th August 2021. The Chairperson is Ms Nombulelo Booysen-Willy who is Director of the Ndlambe Municipal Community Protection Services. Kenton will be represented by Estuary Care, KOSRA and KSDNA .

So, we are close to getting our Kenton house back in order, as far as the sand dune is concerned.

We are sure the residents will be very pleased to see this is achieved.

Watch for the next instalment—we are getting there.

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