Consultants proposal and the implementation of the Sand Dune Project

Preliminary research and planning

All preliminary work is being carried out to ensure there is the minimum of unforeseen consequence and delay.

It will be necessary to check the quality of the water from the borehole and we hope to be able to start this very soon. Louis Hattingh, from the Nursery in Bushmans has visited Hout Bay project, to learn from their years of experience in propagating and growing grasses and plants with a view to adapting this to the Kenton conditions.

A good relationship has been formed with the personnel there and they will assist in the training of our Kenton staff, prior to the planting and establishing of wind breaks and irrigation. The irrigation contractor will also find it valuable to learn from their experience and will visit Hout Bay in due course.

Seeds have been collected from Dry Bones Valley and a study made of its’ Flora which will all be replicated on the rehabilitated sand dune.

Re-profiling of the sand dune

The re-profiling of the sand dune is planned for May 2021 and will be completed within 3 months. No sand will be removed from the site.

Rehabilitation and vegetation

The KSDNA are committed to this project and to do all they can to make sure it is a success. We have, and will continue to take all the necessary steps to help the community, and the Municipality, bring this project to the best final outcome.
As mentioned above, the propagation of the plants is in place in Bushmans to ensure there will be ample plants and grasses available. The success of this will be known before re-profiling commences in May. The weather should then be favourable to planting in August, after winter conditions have passed, and the irrigation, wind breaks and re-profiling have been planned to come together for this. The grasses will be planted first on the new frontage on the sand dune, which will be the most prone to erosion from the prevailing wind and rain.

Artists impression of the rehabilitated sand dune

The management of the new, accumulating sand will be managed immediately the frontage of the new sand dune is completed.
There will be a great deal of activity and intense labour during the initial planting period in August/September, and this will then progress to the necessary ongoing management of the plants and grasses. The supervision and management of this is expected to take three years.
Future sand removal and maintenance of the Sand Dune Project

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