Future sand removal and maintenance of the Sand Dune Project

Sea sand will continue to be deposited at the mouth of Bushman’s River and this will continue.
For the next 3 years the KSDNA will be responsible for this project until the vegetation is satisfactorily established. During this period the KSDNA will continue to manage the removal of the sand and will determine the most efficient way to handle this.
The present plan is to manage the ongoing accumulation of the sea sand and remove this to Middle Beach, at practical intervals, where it will be quickly dispersed by the tide. There will be a wind net and irrigation lines located at the toe of the new front of the re-profiled dune, to contain this accumulating sand and enable it to be removed in an efficient way. This will be achieved by using a suitable small dump truck which will then transfer the sand into a small dump lorry located at the junction of Westbourne and Lands End Road.

The Benford Terex 2500kg Straight Tip Diesel Dumper Truck Digger

This will provide the long-term solution for the ongoing management of the sand. The Municipality is responsible for this ongoing cost and the Consultants have advised KSDNA of the least costly solution, which is likely to be less than R250 per annum, per plot, and includes the permanent staff employed to ensure this beautiful area of Kenton remains in pristine condition.
There will be no further major capital costs and the sand problem will have been solved.